Chief Editor, Danish National TV: Rasmus has a sixth sense, when it comes to making music, that not only fit our pictures, but adds magical dust.


Musical Director, LegoLand Theme Park:

Rasmus seems to know what we're looking for every time. And even adds to our knowledge about what we need. Every track hits the spot first time. And always in top quality. Rasmus and his music is a no-brainer! Hire him, you'll save time, money and lots of worries and headaches.




As a producer and engineer, Rasmus has been studying and working with some of the greatest names in the field.

The Grammy Award winning engineer Russell Elevado has been a big influence, and Rasmus and Russell worked together on the triple DMA nominated album "Echoes"


As a studio owner Rasmus has combined all his great analog gear with the best of the digital world, in order to get that uncompromised vintage sound, in a modern environment.



Rasmus Boegelund has played and toured with names like: John Scofield, Billy Stewart, Kurt Elling, Jimmy Johnson, Peter Erskine, Emil De Waal, Medina, Outlandish, Lukas Graham, Ida Coor , Peter AG ect.

Rasmus has been nominated for the Danish Grammy more than 15 times. Both for his work as a musician, composer and producer.




Address: 8382 Hinnerup Denmark


Phone: (+45) 405 398 12




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